Why Choose A Nobilia German Kitchen?

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Reduce installation times by up to half

  • Units arrive rigid-built and fully-populated, not flat-packed. This is a typical unit construction.
  • Laminate worktops can be pre-routered, edged, radius corners – up to 5100mm x 1200mm
  • Panels factory edged to size. Only scribes required.

German Efficiency

  • German engineered in a state-of-the art factory.

Modular System

  • Bespoke unit sizing available during manufacture. No cutting down onsite.

Factory Recessed Wall Unit Lighting

Extensive range of units, offering a solution for everything

With nearly 5000 different unit choices as standard, we are confident we can provide a solution for every design requirement.

True Handleless Are What Nobilia Do Best!

  • True Handleless ranges are purpose-built to be handleless, not adapted.  All handle profiles are pre-cut to size and corners mitred.

Measured To Fit Perfectly

All units manufactured to specific appliance dimensions/requirements

Comprehensive Stock

Comprehensive stock of remedials in the UK of commonly used items

Complete Kit Everytime

All kitchens arrive as a complete kit – ready to be installed straight away with no missing parts

Our Process

Our process will be different for everyone and will be shaped by your needs but as a guideline, this is what you can expect from working with us.

Have plans already?

Upload your plans via our website, let us know your budget and what needs to be included and we’ll get a design over to you! If you don’t have plans yet, just give us a call and we’ll talk through your project.

Let’s Talk!

Either give our team a call or make an appointment to pop into our showroom. Everyone’s situation is different so we’ll talk through yours, taking as much information as possible – you get to set the process.


We’ll then work on your design and come back to you once the design and quote are ready.


Maybe you’re choosing the kitchen for the property – or maybe you would like to give the buyer the choice? Either way, we have a beautiful showroom either party can visit to look at what we offer. If you set a budget with us, we’ll tailor your client’s choices to that.


Once an order is placed, the kitchen plus any appliances will be delivered to our locally-based logistics company. From here, we’ll arrange onward delivery at a time to suit you